Astrological dating of the pyramids

21-Oct-2017 03:23

astrological dating of the pyramids-18

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Until recently it has usually been assumed that they evolved from the fancies of primitive imaginations, but research now suggests that they were designed as a pictorial scientific coordinate system.

A coordinate system is a set of imaginary lines for measuring positions, like the lines of latitude and longitude for determining locations on the earth.

If one asks if there was a time and place when they would have all been much aligned vertically and horizontally, the answer is, about 2,900 B. Note that this is an entirely different line of reasoning, but it yields a very similar date and location of origin.

Moreover, several of the constellations mark astronomically important areas at the date.

Because of the earth's precession, such coincidences depend on both the location on the earth and on the date of observations. Evidence points to an origin on Latitude 36, which is near perfect for Sumeria (the civilization from which Babylon inherited much of its science).

Using statistical methods, it has been found that Aratus was describing the stars at a latitude of about 36 (within about 2) at about 2,600 B. Accordingly, the Sumerians are currently credited with originating the constellations.

Near to the entrance of the Lascaux cave complex is a magnificent painting of a bull.

Today, this region forms part of the constellation of Taurus the bull.n recent years, new research has suggested that the Lascaux paintings may incorporate prehistoric star charts.The tablets record the day of the year that certain groups of stars, or constellations, appear in the sky at dawn.

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