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“There is an opportunity to exploit the name-similarity effect by browsing extensively before registration, identifying profiled names of people who you find attractive, and then choosing a similar screen name,” the authors write.Photos So the obvious “be good looking” aside, there are a few hacks that give you a better chance of being swiped right. You should provide photographic evidence that you have friends.That’s where you should tell just one story that supports your headline in an entertaining way.Alternatively, you could support that idea with one or two compelling facts about yourself.You want to stand out, not convince them you are the one for them. Here are three examples to demonstrate the concept of focusing on a single, specific idea: “I spend more time in my garden than in front of the TV.” “Join my mission to retire in Costa Rica before age 55.” “I have three dogs named after the Three Stooges.” Jacques Maritain said, “We don’t love qualities, we love persons; sometimes by reason of their defects as well as of their qualities.” And C. Lewis once wrote, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! I thought I was the only one.” When you share a very specific thing about yourself, you become a real person rather than a generic profile statement. Each of the statements above communicates something specific and real.Some people are instantly drawn to dog lovers and people with a sense of humor.That kind of person will feel compelled to learn about the person behind that third tagline, even though she never said, “I have a great sense of humor,” or, “I am a pet lover.” She could have said it that way, but it would have sounded bland and generic.Once you have his attention, he will click on your profile to read your personal statement.

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In a meta-analysis of 86 psychology, sociology, computer, and behavioral studies, they found answers to the questions that leave online daters paralyzed at their keyboards or searching for the perfect selfie.

The researchers suggest the boring but supposedly effective, “Genuine, attractive, outgoing, professional female, good sense of humor, into keeping fit, socializing, music and travel, seeks like-minded, good-natured guy to share quality times.”In general, the research shows online daters steer gender stereotypical. Women like bravery, courage and risk-taking more than kindness and altruism. The six-page study goes on to offer a practical how-to for online daters including nuggets like: don’t just wink or send a generic message; keep the first missive short and sweet; be enthusiastic; and don’t keep an online paramour waiting. But consider, singles, while strict guidelines are sure to be a comfort for some in the online dating pool, love is not an exact science—and even stone-cold science needs its skeptics.

I have nothing against a cute headline for your dating profile.

Focus on a single, compelling idea or “angle” using both the headline and tagline.

Dating websites have different formats and space allotments for headlines, taglines, or whatever they call them on a given site.But that specific information has only one purpose. When he digs deeper he can get a more fleshed-out understanding of your life situation, desires, and interests.