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Set in central Ohio suburbia, the strip centers on Jeremy as he tries to balance his family life, social life, the academic demands of high school and his plans for the future, often with a heavy dose of surrealism, making it stand out from being just a typical teenager cartoon strip.A friend suggested he begin a strip about a teenager.In one instance, Walt recalls how uninhibited he felt one night at a Moby Grape concert.This shocking recollection causes him to forbid Jeremy from attending a similar concert.

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Walt is portrayed as clueless and old-fashioned about technology, especially computers and video players.For example: He is shown as having an ability to tell who is calling on the telephone and for what reason when it rings (sometimes even before it rings), as when he told his mom to say hi to an aunt who hadn't phoned for weeks, only to have the phone ring and Connie tell him to "stop that! He usually wears his purple shirt over a black T-shirt, blue jeans, and fat tongued Sneakers. Jeremy spends time restoring a 1962 Volkswagen Type 2 van with his best friend Hector Garcia, which they hope to drive across the country when they turn 16.The van is in running condition but doesn't run very well considering its age.In late-2000s strips, Jeremy received his learners' permit.

In September 2007 strips, Jeremy's mother refers to his being a sophomore in high school. On the August 23, 2009 strip, his driver's license was shown.Jeremy constantly interrupts her work with menial requests or by being too loud and she has yet to even finish the first chapter.

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