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Laptops that will be 'offline', away from the WU network, will need to authenticate using a 'single-use' license.Instructions in Step 8 guide you through the appropriate licensing process.Director, Collaborative Research & Data/GIS 314-935-6198 [email protected] Analyst 314-935-8426 [email protected] & Data Projects Manager; Anthropology Librarian 314-935-5492 [email protected] Programmer 314-935-3511 [email protected] students may obtain a fully functional evaluation copy of the Arc GIS Desktop software as follows: 1) Obtain an installation code by sending the following information to Bill Winston ([email protected]) 2) After obtaining the installation code, visit the Arc GIS for Desktop Student Trial page at 3) If you do not already have an Esri account, sign up for free with the contact information of your choice.If you already have an Esri account, sign in with your credentials.License authentication will depend upon whether you will be using the system while connected to the WU network.Desktop systems and laptops that will not be used outside the WU network will access the WU License Server for authentication.In the Authorization Options window, select the first option "I have installed my software and need to authorize it" 11) Follow the prompts and fill in your contact information and the installation code.These steps will guide you through the process of installing Arc GIS software on a WU computer.

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5) Double click the file to begin the installation.

GIScience also studies data structures and methods for capturing, modeling, processing, and analyzing geographic information or simply the science behind geographic information.

GIScience addresses the “how” such as how to model spatial features like a highway, building, or something simple as a body of water like a creek or shoreline in which can be complex due to high and low tides.

WKU has multiple pathways that can help you achieve your goals. A hand-held GPS unit in the field receives signals from satellites to determine the latitude, the longitude, and the elevation to within less than one meter of a person's location on the Earth's surface.

Are you an international student, an adult learner, a military , transfer , or dual credit student? Learn More Can you see yourself making a positive impact at WKU? This technology can be used to build GIS databases for mapping features such as roads, property lines, buildings, wetlands, trees, manhole covers, and a variety of other features.The capability to query the GIS database and display the results on a map is a rather simple, yet powerful tool.