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30-Jun-2017 15:57

The people suing the company say the leaked personal details – including names, birth dates, addresses and sexual tastes – have led to emotional distress, financial loss and identity theft.

One lawsuit by an anonymous individual said that the Toronto-based company could have prevented the leak if it had taken “necessary and reasonable precautions to protect its users’ information, by, for example, encrypting the data”.

The settlement, which still has to be reviewed by a judge, will mean that Ruby Life won’t have to admit to any wrongdoing, but will compensate individuals with “valid claims” for alleged losses resulting from the breach."The parties have agreed to the proposed settlement in order to avoid the uncertainty, expense, and inconvenience associated with continued litigation," said Ruby Life in a statement.

The company, which bills itself as an "industry leader in open-minded dating services", goes on to say it has implemented a number of measures to enhance security to customer data.

Desperate to limit the damage, Canadian-based Ashley Madison appears to have caved in to some of their demands by suspending a £15 fee for members wanting to wipe their accounts — a bone of contention for the hackers, who said that the payers’ details would still be kept on the company’s system.

One of those hurt wives is Sarah Gould, 34, from Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, who until January 2013 was happily married — or so she thought — to Rich, 36, a computer engineer.

Since the Ashley Madison hack, curiosity about the infidelity-based dating service has been on the rise.

Even if you find the idea of cheating deplorable, you can't help but wonder what it's like on a website totally based on helping people cheat, right?

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There’s Lucy, 31, from Rochester, who enjoys cooking, theatre and books, and Jack, 46, from Hampshire, who describes himself as a ‘laid-back character who travels a lot with work and loves music and sport’. Matthew, a 59-year-old Londoner, hopes to meet a woman to ‘chat about life in general, politics, faith and social justice’, while Sally, 43, from Hertfordshire, wants ‘someone to keep me on my toes and make my pulse race’.

While child-safety groups have praised the plans in protecting young people from pornographic content, privacy advocates have raised concerns about the potential for storing personal information about porn viewers – and the risk of this information being hacked and used for extortion.