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21-Dec-2017 08:28

The different spellings convey useful information about whether or not the subject is software.Moves are afoot in Australia to make the preferred spelling, in all cases, .Which is statistically significant in anyone’s book.Your customers would be well represented in a research survey with a universe of over half a million.In short, anyone who thinks it doesn’t matter is either blissfully ignorant of the leads and sales they’re losing, or they’re allowing their own indifference or poor language skills to override sound commercial practice.

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So now, in the Australian dictionary we have word to describe an aberrant and pathological hatred of women. The clown who decided on that bit of buffoonery should be smacked in the head. Weasel words are the lawyer’s bread and butter and the copywriter’s to them” you don’t know whether they’re describing the act of flicking the other party a quick text message and ignoring the reply, or pursuing, to the point of exhaustion, every possible means of engaging and involving the other party. Spelling is important, punctuation is important, grammar is important. And if, as in the examples above, correcting a misspelt word can increase sales by 80%, or adding a missing apostrophe can increase response by 400%, what’s stopping you from investigating the writing your business publishes and broadcasts, for bear-traps, landmines and IEDs?Many business owners think spelling, punctuation and grammar don’t matter, that the market won’t notice mistakes, and even if it does, it will forgive them.

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Refrainfrom automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. Na večer se sakupe sve dčvojke cčloga sela u nevžstinu kuću« dobro se ponavečeraju« i počnu dvč po dve pevati: M^rkla noć je na zemljicu palp« ili: Tri mi se grada heliju itd. Bratjo , vidim da ste ganuti 1 Promislite ko- liko putah u pogibeli biasmo:da 6t nam sva pomanj- kati. U rečenom skupnovladarstvu ništa nije izobraženje našega materinskoga jezika prečilo i samo tako je mo- glo onaj visoki stupanj saviiršenstva dokučiti, kojemu se pravom diviti moramo i po kojem na S jezik o n/« kom obziru jedno od p&rvih mšstah najizobraieniih je« zikah noviega vrčmena zauzima* On posčduje ne samo udivljenja vridno bogatstvo« čistoću, koju kod sadanjih jezikah zaludu tražimo, ne* go takodjer blagozvučnost, koja ga barem takmacem čini skladnoglasne rčči, koja se po hesperičkih peri« vojib ori.… continue reading »

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