Order consolidating

21-Oct-2017 01:57

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In this case, you’d be able to place several smaller unit orders and combine them into a full container.For some businesses, consolidation can help keep the identity of your supplier or manufacturer a secret.A little communication can often go a long way toward small business savings Brought to you by Partner Ship, the company that manages the PMPA Shipping Program and recent recipient of NASTC’s “Best Broker” status.For more information or to enroll, visit Partner Ship.com/28PMPA, or email [email protected] While not a top priority for all companies, supplier information can be protected when products are drop-shipped from consolidation warehouses directly to customers to avoid having them start working directly with your supplier.

That means consolidating multiple orders into a single shipment whenever possible and always striving to minimize the number of packages you send.All too often, shipments are arranged as they come in from sales or order processing.