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This week Rolling Stone Magazine published a ranking of all cast members of SNL. (13 to 32 secondes per trip to bathroom) Be Sloppy A good hour or two can be gained every few weeks if you keep your desk a mess.

Not that I put much stock into these kind of lists, but I did want to see how our dream teams stacked up against the RS rankings. Friday afternoons and Monday mornings are perfect times to set aside for cleaning up your work area.

Because no one would go that long without noticing they didn’t have their…

In an attempt to offer a suggestion to parents on how to avoid forgetting your child in the backseat of a locked car, a local newscast today suggested that I could place my cell phone in the pockets behind the front seats of my car as a way to insure that I don’t forget my child.

We must instead capture, analyze, and dissect these “fingers” of the greater creature that we might learn how it operates. And as we all know, fun letter swapping games for bored vaguely literate people are always a font of uncorrupted religious truth forever. Gilda Radner (9) Okay we start to stray on round two with Chris Elliott (or does Rolling Stone? There are lots of people out there who just don’t understand the finer points of wasting time at work. If you want to do nothing then stay at home, but don’t expect people to pay you for it.

Then we can learn how to heal the dimensional rifts and weakened time/space continuum that has allowed these apparitions to penetrate our world and torment us annually. This final theory on the true nature of Santa Claus is for them: Santa Claus isn’t against Jesus Christ. After crucifixion, returning from the dead, visiting friends and family, going on tour in the Americas, founding a bloodline in France, and generally having the most active posthumous career known to mankind, Jesus retired. Lots of people are so afraid of getting caught, they don’t waste time at work. For those scared of being fired for being too slack, you are right to be afraid. To be an effective time waster, you have to chip away at the hours of the day.

One track in particular, "Monsignor Happy's Daily Bouts with Depression", received moderate air-time on the Doctor Demento Radio Network. The album's highlight: the unlisted track at the end of the CD, which is a cover of "Stand By Your Man" by Lyle Lovett.

Rob Schneider (44) We hit the middle of the pack right about here. An inner psyche filled with horror and disgust and pain and maladies that man was not meant to know.

But where science fails us, religion picks up the ball and runs with it, spikes it in the end zone, does a ref-defying taunty dance, and demands everyone agree it’s particular taunty dance is the one true taunty dance and there can be no others. He realized anything he then did as himself would be soon be overrun with his fans and supporters regardless of its merit. He uses his Son of God powers to monitor and track every child in the world’s good/evil levels, pick the most appropriate toy for each, make the toys, and get them all delivered all around the world on a single night. Drink Lots of Water Water, Tea and Coffee make you urinate quicker and more often than other drinks. Only a real jerk of a boss will yell at you for taking a leak. I would even suggest that men take up the feminine habit of sitting during all trips to the toilet. Don’t be robbed of those precious extra seconds of pulling down your trousers and pulling them back up again.

How can one ordinary man deliver millions of presents in a single night?! So fire up your social media accounts, and start fakenewsing your friends, family, and coworkers IMMEDIATELY. Can a mere myth really inspire that level of disorganized, spontaneous imitation? Being a Santa is no mere hobby, funtime, or seasonal income for our plus-sized bearded elders. A well-organized, fiercely-dedicated, intensely secret cult with rigid rules on appearance and behavior. The cabal of international bankers and Bilderberg Gnomes controlled by the Committee on Foreign Relations would unleash their army of blue helmets and black helicopters so fast, even your fluoridated-water dulled senses would register surprise as the North Pole was carpet-bombed back to the Triassic. What we humans call “Santa Claus” is merely the intrusion into our three dimensions of an extradimensional creature that exists outside of time and space as we know it. The more terrifying aspect is why it would chose to do so. Chris Farley (15) Rolling Stone has Kattan way too low according to our data. Notice that Ava’s playback of “Let It Go” strips out all background instrumentation and alters the voice. (you've got to picture him taking a drag off a cigarette, then grabbing himself-rub, rub, "so what about that blahblah"). It's like he's got a stale hoagie, or something, in his pants. Now that the Van Gogh-Goghs have taught you how to waste time at work, you’ve probably found that your once-busy workdays have mellowed into the dull hazy soup of inertia every cubicle-dweller longs for.

Something that can’t be explained by the obvious, but that CAN be explained by a crazy, hair-brained theory we just came up with! Getting stuck in chimneys, filling the local throne at the mall, hiding behind bushes at the park, getting arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct. THING is not subject to our laws of physics, existing outside of our universe, it is a simple matter for it to reach into closed rooms, locked houses, and deliver presents to millions simultaneously. Plus, the fidelity of music from Kid OS units is fairly poor.

And let’s be honest, until the OS gets updated multiple times, the options are crap.

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Mike “Pick me up outside Breadman’s–bring money for the bill” was mangled into “I love you daddy. Kid OS users are required to supplement their unit with large amounts of hardware and software just to go to the store. Games: I know that Kid OS installs additional apps and games over time, but the fact that it doesn’t even ship with basic smiling functionality is shameful.

No matter how slowly or clearly I spoke, my attempt to have June tell T. (I still have dishpan hands from having to work to pay that bill.) While I was able to leave a message for Charles very effectively using his John device, it was because I was just saying “blahhhhhbobobobobo mama dada truck” while drooling and pooping. Kids are simply not suitable for mission-critical communication. Portability: Even those stupid giant wanna-be tablet phones can fit in a pocket.

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She is attracted to him, but is aware of her commitment to marry Arvind and feels it would be against the Hindu culture (where love is measured with loyalty, trust, respect, and commitment) to break off her engagement - especially when it seems that Danny may be able to see, reject her, and get involved with a much more attractive ... One of the reasons the movie works so well is the ability of actor Chris Pine to make us believe he is blind and convey the positive manner in which people with impairments 'view' those around them.… continue reading »

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Il suo matrimonio è infatti finito all’improvviso e sua moglie lo ha lasciato solo con il figlio Lorenzo, un bambino molto sensibile, che ha reagito male all’abbandono materno.… continue reading »

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