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So a destination with a history and that was relatively close was just not my first choice.

Through the years that followed pictures of Croatia kept popping up and they all looked gorgeous.

We also got the promise that we would be getting the original recipe so soon I will be making my own strukli!

During a torrential downpour we had dinner in Villa Zelenjak, not too far from Terme Tuhelj.

In a modern city like Zagreb it is easy to eat well as a vegetarian but if you go inland it might be a bit of a challenge. Castle Mihanovic is a fine dining location where you can taste some of the local specialities of the Zagorje region. Strukli is a traditional dessert from the region that is actually not always served sweet.

When we were at Petrac winery – to name just an example – they weren’t sure if we were vegetarian or not so they also provided a plate of tomatoes and cucumber. I think we had about four different variations while we were there, with my favorite being from castle Mihanovic.

Geometry and the measurement setup are available as files.

It's a matter of a minutes to have the final FRFs and the animation to get an impression of the vibrations.

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If you love wines and good food there is enough to see and do too.When we arrived we had a few minutes of no rain so I got to shoot a few images thankfully. That mist rolling in over the hills gives it a dreamy look doesn’t it?